To all Resident’s at Castlewood’s – Update on Castlewoods Water

Update: 02/02/2021

Dear Resident

Just a brief update on the water situation at Castlewood’s. Please see below,

  1. There will be a flow meter fitted to the main line at 9.30 am tomorrow Thursday 4th The water will be interrupted between 9.30 and 12pm to cater for this.
  2. This will allow us to determine more accurately the overall water usage and leakage.
  3. It is proving quite difficult to pinpoint the exact leak. The natural water tables are abundant with water currently and these natural springs are hindering the engineer’s ability to locate the position.
  4. However, we have it narrowed somewhat to 20no. houses and our latest figures show us that,
  5. These 20 houses are fed through two sluice valves. Both areas left on at night will drain the tanks considerably.
  6. One area switched off allows tanks to refill with pumps running continuously.
  7. Both areas switched off (as per two nights this week) allows tanks refill and pumps rested from 2am until morning demand.
  8. We will continue to try and narrow down the problem areas over the weekend. This will mean that one area will remain shut down overnight for the duration.
  9. The plan is that with the meter recording the flow our engineer will further reduce the scope of the problem areas. We may then spot excavate the pipeline in those areas allowing the listening detectors to pinpoint the leaks for repair.

Unfortunately to date we have discovered no quick fix for this issue. We appreciate it causes all of us inconvenience and we will continue our efforts to locate and repair the leaks.

We have a request from the water Engineer that all residents would look at exposing their connections to the mains to make them accessible in the future. If we could have switched off individual residences it would have been a great help. All water mains from the main line to a residence should be accessible. This would mean digging out the area where the original site connection was made and fitting an access box.

We will return to that issue in the near future with more information.




Update: 29/01/2021

Dear Resident

We are continually monitoring the water issue and the following is our updated position.

  1. Currently (for the last week) we are only closing off one section at night-time. This is the section with the excessive night-time draw.
  2. If you reside in this area, please ensure your plumber checks all your system to eliminate any specific issues. If you discover a substantial leak, please inform us immediately.
  3. There is of course the possibility that this is infrastructural, and we are taking further steps to narrow down where it may be.
  4. We are aware of leaks (not specific) in other areas but they are less severe and not the cause of draining tanks overnight. We will however request in time that all these are repaired.
  5. To narrow down overnight usage in each area, Frank Seery Water Company will fit a flow meter on the main system. This will allow us check by area (sluice valve) the outward flow during the night.
  6. Finding the main leak is our principal task at the moment. Brian and the Water Engineer are continuing their efforts to locate it before a decision to open any ground area is made.
  7. The major problem is that the leak is remaining underground and not visible on the surface.

Thank you for your co-operation do date. We will continue to minimise any inconvenience to residents. However, when the flow meter is fitted we will close each area separately over night to record outward flow, this will give us a better understanding of the situation.




Update: 21/01/2021

Dear Resident

In our efforts to locate the exact reason for the current water problem (tanks not refilling overnight) we would like to point out the following.

  1. The estate has seven sluice valves on the system, this will allow us switch one area at a time off to assist locate a more precise location or locations for the problem.
  2. The Water Engineer and Brian Upton will start at 10pm tonight and switch each area off for a short while and re-open those same valves and try detecting any unusual flow within the system.
  3. This will mean that we must keep the main tanks open overnight. Our risk is the possibility of having low water levels in the morning.
  4. However, if we can locate a specific area (supplied by sluice valve) we can immediately confine our response to that area and allow the remainder of the estate function as normal.
  5. To facilitate this, we would request your assistance this evening and ask that you do not draw any unnecessary water from 21.00 hours (9pm).
  6. Brian and the Engineer will work through the night if required to locate the problem. So, please do not be alarmed if you see or hear them around the estate at an unusual hour tonight.
  7. In this process of elimination, we have discovered some smaller issues, but the Engineer feels that these are not sufficient to prevent tanks filling overnight.

Once again thank you for your co-operation. We will keep you informed of progress.

Also please note an error in the previous update where we said we would endeavor to hold an AGM by the end of the third quarter, this should have read the end of the first quarter (third month).


Ballinamona Management Ltd.

Update: 18/01/2021

Dear Resident

We are attaching a report of the water situation for your information. From tomorrow at 7am Brian Upton and a Water Engineer will carry out an estate wide inspection/test for leaks in the system. They will trace the entire system and all water entry points to individual sites. Please do not be alarmed if you see two males at the edge of your property at some stage tomorrow.

Thanks to all who responded confirming no issues and those that highlighted possible pressure issues. We are currently aware of one leak and would welcome a response from all those who have not yet reported any problems. Any and all leaks should be repaired immediately. If you need advice please contact us. The tanks will be closed off each evening until we have a resolution. We will delay it until 20.30 to ensure least inconvenience.

We have applied to Irish Water (mid 2020) for a direct connection and associated cost. Because the nearest line to Castlewoods is a rising main they have previously refused the developer a connection. We are awaiting their (slow) response to our application. This will be considered at our next AGM.

Manor Properties have instructed MK Brazil to produce accounts for 2020. When this is complete we will send a 28 day notice for an AGM. Our preference is to avoid a cumbersome Zoom event and depending on Covid restrictions would prefer to use a suitable space such as Garter Lane Theatre. However we will endeavour to have a meeting before the end of the third quarter.

Once again we would remind you that all current directors were due to retire in 2019 and we would welcome three replacements to facilitate their delayed exit. Please let Manor properties know if you are available to take up these positions.

Download Castlewoods Water Report




Update: 11/01/2021

Dear Resident,

As you are aware, we are dealing with an excessive water usage issue that started on 31st December.

This has also coincided with the drop in temperatures leaving a presumption that the problem is frost related. However, we can not be definitive as of yet and are still observing/investigating the problem.

Hence, we would like to advise all residents of the following,

  1. If the water levels drop low again over the next few night’s we would like to forewarn that we will shut the system over night to avoid any daytime issues. Brian will delay the shut down to as late as possible where the situation allows him.
  2. The ‘thaw’ from the recent cold spell should be complete in a day or two and this may show an improvement in the houses that are suffering most from this situation.
  3. We would once again encourage those with pressure related issues (less pressure than pre 31st Dec) to ensure that they have no leakage or exposed pipes.
  4. Manor properties will request the estate agents representing vacant premises to check them out immediately for any possible issues that could have occurred since the above date.
  5. If there is no improvement over the next few day’s we will request a pressure test on the main system to rule out any infrastructure problem. We currently do not believe this to be the case for sheer lack of evidence.
  6. Please ensure all outside taps and hoses are switched off and not frozen where they may trap air and create a problem in your system.

Once again thank you for your attention to this issue. We do not see this as a capacity issue as it coincided with the cold spell, but because we are a group water system what affects one can be felt throughout the system. The question of individual residents installing water meters can be discussed at the next AGM.

We will continue to monitor and report back in a few days.





Update: 08/01/2021

Dear Residents

Happy new year to you.

Over the last few days our estate manager has noticed an unusual draw on the water system. This did not occur over Christmas but since the 31st of December the levels have dropped substantially. We currently have no obvious reason for this.

To investigate this and top up the system we propose closing off the water tanks from 7pm to 7am tonight Friday 08th Jan /Saturday 9th.

Please pay special attention to your system and ensure there are no large leaks that would require immediate repair.

We will keep the system under observation over week-end and plan accordingly.

Thank You




Update: 02/06/2020

Dear Residents, 

We have continued to monitor water usage since Monday the 25th May. Currently we are not experiencing any issues with water use and it appears that even in lock down conditions our tanks are healthy daily.

After the previous week’s emergency, we seem to be now back to normal usage. We would like to thank all residents for their support and understanding that corrected this situation.

Brian Upton will continue to check tank levels daily, but as with the last hot summer we do not anticipate any undue issues if we continue to monitor and conserve our usage. Our greatest enemy would be the natural water table falling steeply. This did not cause us any problem in 2018.

If you do need to fill a pond or tub, please contact us and we can arrange to facilitate you at suitable times.

Once again thanks for your efforts and please continue to use water cans for plants, maintain hand washing advice and repair any leaks immediately.

Above all enjoy the beautiful weather.


Michael Grant





To all Resident’s at Castlewood’s – Update on Castlewoods Water

Update: 25/05/2020

Dear Residents, 

Thank you for your efforts to date to confine our water use to domestic purposes only. The Water experts are currently going through usage figures and we will report back on this later.

In the meantime, they inform us that the leak in the second tank is insignificant and mainly due to a weeping flange. We are currently refilling this tank to bring it back online for use. The overall problem experienced recently seems to be due to excessive use of water. There are several issues at play here and we would like to point out a few of them

1. Since the lock down the use of water has increased and up to mid last week the system was dealing with this.

2. From last week there was an enormous draw on the tanks that threatened everybody’s normal supply. We are currently investigating the reasons for this.

3. The Management Company oversees the delivery of water to each site. From this point to the house and the subsequent use is the responsibility of the resident.

4. If you are using excess water for ponds, tubs, pools, or have leaking equipment this becomes an issue for all residents. The advice is to immediately repair any faulty equipment. However, if you have a need to ‘draw’ a large amount of water once off, please inform us and we can manage the process with you. Obviously, our system has no capacity to deal with swimming pools.

5. Each night we closed off the tank it refilled without issue over-night. However, on Thursday we did not close it overnight and it was half full / empty the following morning at 8am. This points to a large draw during the night.

6. Irish Water are currently offering similar advice to all its customers as stated below

‘Domestic water usage has soared by an extra 20% per person per day due to lockdown measures linked to the coronavirus. Irish Water has now appealed to householders to monitor their usage and conserve water where they can due to the spike in demand as people have adhered to government advice and remained at home. Irish Water said it is appealing to the public to prioritise handwashing over power washing and conserve water now where they can, including using a watering can rather than a hose in the garden, taking showers over baths, and fixing any dripping taps where possible.’

The management company will continue to monitor our usage closely over the next few days and will update you if, and when there are any problems to report. We are currently not planning to close off water tanks tonight.

Thanks again for your support and patience.




To all Resident’s at Castlewood’s – Update on Castlewoods Water

Update: 22/05/2020

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your support yesterday and sorry again for the inconvenience caused in having to shut down the water supply.

We have discovered that one of our storage tanks is leaking water. This tank has been isolated and the experts notified. The second tank was fully replenished at 8am this morning.  Seery’s Water Company will be on site Monday to investigate and hopefully repair.

Meanwhile we are working at half capacity and would request that all residents conserve water to minimum use until further notice.

Once again apologies for the inconvenience and we will update again on Monday.

 As always thank you and stay safe at this time.   





It has come to our attention that the water storage tanks did not refill overnight.

Currently we have unprecedented use, but this does not satisfy why the tanks failed to refill. To investigate this, we need to top up the tanks immediately and monitor same over the next few days.

To do this we have to switch off the water supply from 2pm today until 8am tomorrow morning. When the tanks are replenished we will monitor the usage daily and update you accordingly.

Step one as above is to prevent the tanks emptying completely.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience